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Our approaches to collaborative empowerment



The digital mercenary agency is home to many highly specialized brilliant minds that can be acquired to consult on various strategic approaches and carry out parts of your
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Why ARE WE building a microcosm TO EMPOWER

At the beginning of life a mysterious journey is handed to us by our forbearers, but without an account of the cyborg condition we inhabit, one which we believe can only be acquired through a path towards self-mastery. The road to self-mastery is long. All the way opportunity is fleeting, experimentation is perilous, and judgement difficult. Our doctrine is built upon our desire to thrive in the uncertainties of life by way of creative expression.

As digital mercenaries we embody this doctrine through the kind entrepreneurial artisanship brought about at the dawn of the information age. The paradigm shift in our evolution from mechanical to digital cyborgs. An event so powerful that it imbued us with radical transformational capabilities previously associated with the religious notion of a creator.

It is also this notion, that this pursuit is now such a significant ingredient to living a meaningful life that has set us on the path towards manifesting the digital mercenary vision.

A mission to build a set of foundations that increases opportunity, reduce risk of experimentation and collectivize guiding insights needed in facing the difficult challenges inherent to digital natives on the path towards self-mastery and a life as an entrepreneurial digital artisan, making this pursuit more accessible and fulfilling.

How We're APPROACHing

Our ambition to catalyze a collective of entrepreneurial artisans is guided by these
overarching strategic objectives.


Inspire and educate digital native generations to harness the potential of the human condition and take on the quest of entrepreneurial artisanship.


Spearhead the development of symbiotic semi autonomous ventures that support our networks economic growth and creative freedoms.


Grow an inspiring culture that supports challenging ourselves within the scope of personal development, business, education, culture and art.


Our Perspective on the nature of meaningful Work and co-existence

As a species, we are prone to endless thinking about thinking about thoughts about this world. Many intellectuals would go so far as to say that recursive thinking or introspection is the defining facet of being human. Proclaiming it's what distinguishes us from animals and things.

We live our lives is as if a distinct ethereal being gazes at the world through the windows of our eyes.  
Be that as it may, there is undeniably a mysterious side to the human mind and its inner dialogues.

Every person is intimately aware of emergent inner thoughts and yet,
cannot account for their precise source; they’re all there as-is, active and alive. 

Powerful feelings like love, ambition, curiosity and more, often emerge unpredictably from our innermost selves, and many times to our own surprise.  With such a murky outset, it’s not surprising that we frequently end up with absurd ideas after dwelling in our minds for too long.

Ideas and questions born out of this type of thinking are often thought of as being “deep”, perhaps because they may seem insurmountable, at least to the one doing the thinking.  

Questions such as the infamous “What is the meaning of life?” can be so ominous that entire cultural movements have been built on guaranteeing absurd yet reassuring answers.

However, the mind and body are only the first two facets of the human condition.

The third part is our collective consciousness, which contains undeniably important expressions of the extended human phenotype. As the primary mediums of communication and cultural expression become digitalized, their evolution will accelerate at a super-human level.  

All too often people focus on society on its own, or the mind and body on their own. To evolve body, mind and collective consciousness accordingly is the impetus of our mission.

It is why we develop the foundational institutions and the digital presence for our microcosm - to connect and refine all three facets of the human condition.