We're building a microcosm for enhanced
strategic action to empower a vibrant culture
of ENTREPRENURIAL artisanship

Ars longa / vita brevis

Creative Minds / Reality Optimization

Why ARE WE building a microcosm TO EMPOWER ARTISANSHIP?

At the beginning of life a mysterious journey is handed to us by our forbearers, but without an account of the cyborg condition we inhabit, one which we believe can only be acquired through a path towards self-mastery.

The road to self-mastery is long. All the way opportunity is fleeting, experimentation is perilous, and judgement difficult. Our doctrine is built upon our desire to thrive in the uncertainties of life by way of creative expression.

As digital mercenaries we embody this doctrine through the kind entrepreneurial artisanship brought about at the dawn of the information age. The paradigm shift in our cultural evolution from industrialists to digital cyborgs.

An event so powerful that it imbued us with radical transformational capabilities previously only associated with religious notions of a creator.

It is also this notion, that this creative pursuit is now key ingredient to living a meaningful life that has set us on the path towards manifesting the Artisan Mission.

A mission to build a set of foundational entities that increases opportunity, reduce risk of experimentation and collectivize guiding insights needed in facing the difficult challenges inherent to digital natives on the path towards self-mastery and a life as an entrepreneurial digital artisan, and in doing so making this pursuit more accessible and fulfilling.

artisan mission

How We're APPROACHing

Our ambition to catalyze a collective of entrepreneurial artisans is
guided by these overarching strategic objectives.


Inspire and educate digital natives to harness the potential of the human condition and take on the quest of entrepreneurial artisanship.


Spearhead the development of symbiotic semi-autonomous ventures that support the growth of our collective wisdoms, business opportunities, and creative freedoms.


Grow an inspiring culture that values and supports challenging ourselves within the scope of personal development, business, education, culture and art.

Our Perspective on the
nature of meaningful
Work and co-existence

As a species, we are prone to endless thinking about thinking about thoughts about this world.
Many intellectuals would go so far as to say that recursive thinking or introspection is the defining facet of being human. Proclaiming it's what distinguishes us from animals and things.

We live our lives is as if a distinct ethereal being gazes at the world through the windows of our eyes.  
Be that as it may, there is undeniably a mysterious side to the human mind and its inner dialogues.

Every person is intimately aware of emergent inner thoughts and yet,
cannot account for their precise source; they’re all there as-is, active and alive. 

Powerful feelings like love, ambition, curiosity and more, often emerge unpredictably from our innermost selves, and many times to our own surprise.  With such a murky outset, it’s not surprising that we frequently end up with absurd ideas after dwelling in our minds for too long.

Ideas and questions born out of this type of thinking are often thought of as being “deep”, perhaps because they may seem insurmountable, at least to the one doing the thinking.  

Questions such as the infamous “What is the meaning of life?” can be so ominous that entire cultural movements have been built on guaranteeing absurd yet reassuring answers.

However, the mind and body are only the first two facets of the human condition.

The third part is our collective consciousness, which contains undeniably important expressions of the extended human phenotype. As the primary mediums of communication and cultural expression become digitalized, their evolution will accelerate at a super-human level.  

All too often people focus on society on its own, or the mind and body on their own. To evolve body, mind and collective consciousness accordingly is the impetus of our mission.

It is why we develop the foundational institutions and the digital presence for our microcosm - to connect and refine all three facets of the human condition.

strategic Development / Creative deploymenT

The digital mercenary network provides a selection of predefined services related to business development for executive management, entrepreneurs and consultants looking to refine their market positioning and gain competitive advantage through innovative branding operations and cutting edge technological business insights.

creative Services


We structure and produce brand communication for consultants and technical solutions providers,
helping them create a digital distribution display of their offerings, vision and values in a collaborative effort with mercenaries and affiliate service providers and members of you organization holding key insight into your organization.


We partake in the development of your business acumen together with executive managers in your organization tasked to carry out a specific objective, assessing your situation, providing strategic guidance for business development together with key talent from our network.

Affiliate Service Providers

Our affiliate service providers are a select group of specialized businesses or experts within the scope of data science, IT-development, marketing and digital design, providing high quality customer centric services supporting a variety of business acumens

Due to their collaborative involvement in digital mercenaries artisan mission,
we're able to organize a large variety of business development sprints
with expert representatives from our affiliate network


Strategic consulting on data driven processes from AI to High Performance computing solutions, generating tactical advantages in business development, strategic insights and competitive market positioning.


The Artisan Mission is still a young initiative thus there are only a few mercenaries available for hire.
As time passes continue to embody our vision we'll expand the range of skills that can be
acquired through the digital mercenary network


Leonard Eastgrove

Vanguard / Artificer

Spearhead the development of symbiotic semi autonomous ventures that support our networks economic growth and creative freedoms.

Brand Strategist
Content Developer

Robert Luciani

Vanguard / Artificer

Spearhead the development of symbiotic semi autonomous ventures that support our networks economic growth and creative freedoms.

AI Strategist

Join Us!

If you're a freelancer or consultant predominantly working through digital technologies read up on the digital mercenary Framework and consider joining our band of mercenaries

FOR EmpowerING a
culture of artisanship

Radical changes to our environment when it comes to opportunities in education and business is transforming our views on how a sustainable society might look and operate. At an early stage our goal was figuring out what the most essential components to growing a vibrant culture where.

A lot of time has passed since then and we've now constructed a blueprint for what we deem to be the basis for a sophisticated and well functioning collaborative framework.




An agency for consultancy brokering and services development that actively seeks out business opportunities for our collective expertise, establishes business collaborations and showcases our skillsets and abilities to solve a wide range of problems.


An academy that curates and collects valuable information and store it in a efficient and accessible way, purchases and collects digital tools and courses related our mission. Recruits promising mentors and educators, and arrange events that provides opportunities for learning and networking.


A digital magazine and creative partner program that inspires and educates aspiring as well as seasoned artisans on their journey towards mastery. Showcasing opportunities for growth and career development, exciting new tools and technological advancements that impacts our industry, while building awareness for the artisan missions initiatives and cultural practices.


A virtual space that allow us to say connected, collaborate and brainstorm on strategies for our respective projects, share insights and opportunities for creative expression, and work on our business ventures.


Collaborative facility that provides us with a space where we can share technical resources, production studios and hardware, allowing us to efficiently produce digital content for our magazine, clients and members of our collective as well as a simple way of meeting up with potential members, business partners and clients, run  events and hang out in person.

a dynamic environment for
creativity, learning and
Personal Branding

The digital mercenary framework is designed around ideas like, specialization, habitual proximity, autonomy and synergistic branding operations.

In practice this means that we develop efficient habits enabling us to get to know each other closely in a variety of situations, making us able to gage the scope of one another's competencies and traits, allowing for quicker decision-making on matters of tactical and strategic importance through out the community.

Having a collective co-working space, with media production studios, a virtual co-working environments and operational practices, common pass time and networking activities will catalyze our efficiency on multiple verticals.

Pairing these type of activities in close proximity to our digital magazine - dedicated to education and brand communication will further increase the knowledge and efficiency on matters of outreach economic opportunities as well as information flow between various nodes in our virtual landscape.

We're also dedicated to building a single point of display for active participants in the digital mercenary network,  serving as a recruitment point for new participants as well as a gateway to the digital mercenary academy.

An academy serves our collective many purposes from cataloguing valuable resources and insights to recruitment and education of promising talent, giving them access to our facilities, connection to potential mentors, digital tools and hardware and general insight into a variety of business practices allowing for seamless transition between active participation in business practices and the development of new skillsets helping students navigate to a position or role well suited to their ambitions.

Our ideas on how these different initiatives are thought to integrate and contribute to the expansion of the network are complex and rests heavily on opportunities we encounter and decide to dedicate ourselves to along the way.

If you see your skills or business as a potential actor within this vision we would love to share the more intricate details of our frameworks development plans with you and your team.

All incoming requests are processed through digital mercenary command.

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